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(Picture:  January 2015/August 2015)

My Journey ~ by Lisa Dolengewicz

I have been overweight my whole life. I’ve always tried the latest diet or program. I would lose anywhere form 20-60 pounds, then quit. I started and stopped exercising several time and have always had very low self-esteem. 

In 1994, I met my future husband, who I married in 1995 and I couldn’t believe that someone found me attractive. He is, and has always been incredible, always loving me and always supportive of me. 

Approximately two years ago, my husband and I made the decision to look into Bariatric surgery. We both decided to have the gastric sleeve procedure. 

For me, I had Kaiser Insurance which required 6 months of classes prior to surgery. When I started the classes I weighed 346.4 pounds. 

I learned a lot during that time, the main point being Bariatric surgery is a weight loss tool; it’s not brain surgery. 

I had to change my whole mindset. 

On November 19, 2014, weighing 324 pounds, I had my surgical procedure by Dr. Zorn at Scripps Mercy Hospital. My journey has been incredible so far. 

When I was cleared to exercise, I decide to try something different. My friend Mimi had been inviting us to Zumba® for quite a while and I always thought to myself, “Haha! I’m the fat girl and can’t dance.” However, On January 10, 2015, I finally decided to try Zumba®. I brought my Sista Diane and we tried Zumba® for the first time. I actually liked it so I came back the next week. I brought my support team with me: My Hubby, my best friend Kathy, my Sista Diane, my other Sista’s Suzie and Lynell, and my exuberant friend and co-worker Aprill. 

Pretty soon, I started attending 2 classes a week and fell in love with Zumba®! In March 2015, I was brave enough to go on stage with Mimi at the Connect-Med Zumba® event. 

I love going to class and if there is not a scheduled class my Hubby and I do Zumba® at home…I still wonder what the neighbors think. 

I am no longer the fat girl that won’t/can’t dance…I am Lisa and I LOVE Zumba®! I love the journey that I am on and have confidence that I have never experienced before. Now I do not hesitate to participate in any event that Mimi asks me to join her in. I am not finished with my journey; I am completely enjoying my path and now down 124 pounds and proud to say at a young 51 years old, I’m healthy, happy, and fabulous! I’m very inspired by my loving Hubby, blessed with incredible friends, and a “Zumba-holic” thanks to my dear friend Mimi.

My name is Tracie and here is my story.  My journey to making myself feel better about myself started on November 19, 2013. My friend Mimi Wright kept posting on facebook about coming to Zumba classes. I finally said “Why not?”. My first class was with Kay Nord. I thought to myself “what am I getting myself into”. Kay’s class was so much fun, high energy and felt the support I was looking for to succeed in my weight loss. The other students around me were all there for the same goal – to have fun, sweat and get fit. I felt like I found my place to start my quest to lose weight. In the month of December I was sick so I could not go to class. Finally on January 2, 2014 I returned back to class. I had my measurements taken for my own personal satisfaction and weighed myself and was very disappointed as prior to getting sick I was on the road to losing weight. When I weighed in that night I had gained back the 4lbs I lost. That alone lit a fire under my butt. I attended every class, moved extra hard and weighed in on January 31, 2014….I sweated off 10.7 lbs for the month of January. On February 6th, I had an update in my measurements, and overall body I lost 5 inches. I am so happy with my progress and look forward to my goal of 10lbs for February and I hope to meet that goal with the support of my Zumba family. 

From The month of February up to May 21st, I have continued to work hard, watched what I have eaten and have had more success in my weight loss goals. As of May 20, 2014 I have met my goal of 30lbs of weight loss and a few extra. I have lost a total of 31.7lbs.My last measurements were in April and year to date I have lost 15 inches overall body. I feel GREAT and feel like I can see a difference in myself. My outside is taking shape and my insides are reaping the rewards of it. I finally feel good about myself. I am very proud of my accomplishment. The instructors at this studio support you 100% along with the students. Recently I have been approached by some of the students telling me that I have become their inspiration. That alone made me feel like I was on top of the world. I am glad that I had people inspire me and that I can pay it forward to inspire others in their quest to become fit. 

On Sept. 28th, 2014, I became a licensed B1 Zumba instructor and now pay forward all the benefits I reaped while on my weight loss kick.